Roma Professional Style Ranges
Culinary Inspiration

More than 60 years ago, inspired by their culinary surroundings, a small group of people set out to develop a range that was worthy of the foods being created in the kitchens of Italy. Since then, Roma has grown to become one of the finest builders of precisely designed and built professional style ranges in all of Italy. It is this commitment to quality created in the heart of Italy that makes them worthy to be the heart of your home.

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Roma Manufacturing Facility

Great cuisine is an Italian passion – a passion that is reflected in the exquisite craftsman and precise functionality of every ROMA range and rangetop. Made in the heart of Italy for more than half a century, generations of our founders’ family members continue to bring the innovation, vision, and human touch, from the first draft to the last weld, This is why ROMA is found in the kitchens all through Italy. Experience ROMA, exceptional cooking appliances in a variety of styles, united by a single passion for excellence.


European Craftsmanship

From racing to art to cooking, all things European share a common link –  a commitment to excellence as defined by exquisite Italian craftsmanship. At Roma, that dedication is build into our DNA and is evident in the unmistakable precision, quality, and high performance of every range we build. Roma's perfectly calibrated burners and oven temperature ensures an unequivocal level of control for even the most exacting recipes. From start to finish, each Roma product is painstakingly crafted to not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

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Sleek Italian Design

Surrounded by the culinary inspiration and natural beauty that defines Italy, Roma presents the perfect example of form and function harmoniously expressed in sleek, high-performance ranges. All delivered at a surprising value unsurpassed in any market. So no matter where today’s home chef lives – from Rome, Italy to Rome, Georgia – Roma ranges look delicious in any kitchen, and ignite the passion for creating exciting cuisine.